Cello ensemble

The massed cello is a wonderful sound.  Explore our works for four and eight cellos for those cello gatherings.

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Bunting Cello Ensemble - cover

Bunting: Three pieces for cello ensemble

Cello ensemble (4 parts) (score included)


Davidov cover

Davidov: Hymn (cello ensemble)

For 10 cellos, 2 double basses and timps (score included)


Jacob Cello octet - cover

Jacob: Cello Octet

Octet for eight cellos


Kuznetsov suite - cover

Kuznetsov: Suite, opus 28 (4 cellos)

Quartet for four cellos


Moor suite - cover

Moor: Suite for 4 cellos, opus 95

Quartet for four cellos