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Unusual Chamber Music

SJ Music publishes unusual string chamber music.  If you're looking to expand your library of duets, trios, quartets and quintets we hope you'll browse our catalogue and try something new.  How about quartets by Hummel, Onslow and Stanford, quintets by Spohr, Beethoven and Boccherini, duets by Bréval, or trios by Holst, Gehot and Bach?

We've got a special section of music for cellists - solo works with piano, tutor methods and excercises, introductions to harmonics for beginners and advanced players, and works for cello duo, quartet and ensemble.

Several pieces are on the British grade exam syllabuses, and we've also selected simpler duos, trios and quartets which would be a great introduction to chamber music playing for young musicians and adult learners.

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Books and Studies

Our best-selling publication is our book Haynes: Chamber Music Repertoire for amateur players - a detailed and comprehensive catalogue of classical chamber music, with notes on difficulty and quality.  If you're a regular chamber music player, have a look at our chamber music excerpts series 'Naughty Bits' - difficult passages brought together for you to practise.

Among our practice and studies bestsellers are two essays on cello technique (for right and left hand) by the world famous teacher Christopher Bunting. Endorsed by Steven Isserlis, these are essential resources for any serious cellist or cello teacher. There also two slim books (portfolios) of exercies by Bunting. Completing our cello technique books are Caroline Bosanquet's detailed introduction to harmonics, "The Secret Life of Cello Strings", and a simple edition, possibly suitable for children, called "Fun with cello harmonics"

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Delivery Charges

Delivery in the UK is free.

However, the high cost of postage for international orders means that we have to charge for deliveries outside the UK.