Haynes: Chamber Music Repertoire for amateur players (4th edition)


Reference book of chamber music



Catalogue no.: B2017-1

ISBN: 978-0-9528202-5-3

A bestseller! “What shall we play? How hard is it? Is it any good? ” – these questions are asked whenever amateur chamber music players (and sometimes professionals) get together, or plan, to play chamber music. Here is the guide that is needed – a carefully researched and comprehensive guide to the difficulty (for each instrument) and quality (musically) of 616 string quartets and 690 other ensemble works for 3-8 players, many with wind instruments and piano, written by a huge range of composers in the period 1750 to the present day. Included are easy works for children and their teachers (and adult learners). The “How to use this Guide” section at the beginning of the Guide is also written in French and German.

The fourth edition (published 2017) has expanded the range of works included, while retaining the content and quirky layout from the out of print third edition (B2001-1).