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Instruments: cello

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Catalogue nos. B1996-6 & B1997-2

Warming up and keeping one’s basic technique in peak condition (or working to get to peak condition) is fundamentally important, yet many cellists do not have routine exercises to follow.  These books provide the exercises that every cellist needs, for both the left and right hands: daily bowing practice; left hand work-out; velocity exercises; pizzicato; bowing patterns and shifting.

Christopher Bunting (1924-2005), the cellist and composer, gave concerts, broadcasts and masterclasses throughout Europe, Australasia and the United States. The Daily Telegraph described him as ‘a master’. Die Welt remarked on his ‘highly developed musical comprehension, prodigious technique and outstanding artistry’, and the Swedish press called him ‘one of the greatest instrumentalists of today’. He thought deeply about the psychological and physical influences that lie behind technique.


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